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Comm Projector ECU Lift - ECU-350


Comm Universal Projector ECU Lift

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Comm Universal Projector ECU Lift, ECU-350 - Economical Lift system where it allows projector to be easily attached and adjusted to the projection surface. 

Suitable for conference rooms, boardrooms, training rooms, showrooms etc. 

  • Universal Projector Mounting - Suitable for most LCD/DLP Projectors
  • Affordable lift system
  • Fast and Easy installation
  • Wireless IR Remote Control
  • Limit switch automatically stop at show and store position
  • Maximum Lowering distance of 350mm
  • Maximum Weight Capacity of 15kg
  • Maximum size of projector 475mm x 475mm x 140mm (WxDxH)
Dimension (WxDxH) : 625 x 520 x 380 mm
Maximum Projector Size  (WxDxH) : 475 x 475 x 140 mm
Maximum Lowering : 350 mm
Maximum Load Weight : 15.0 kg
Power Consumtion : 100W
Voltage : 230-240V

All products information and specifications are subject to changes without prior notice.

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