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About AR Visual Singapore

Corporate Profile

AR Visual Private Limited was founded on 1 March 2005. Our primary business is to be a comprehensive audiovisual solutions provider, and we strive to provide cutting edge audiovisual technologies to cater to the local market. We aim to become one of the leading providers for the professional and educational audiovisual industries in the near future, not forgetting the growing base of affluent home customers whom we hope to attract with our wide range of home entertainment products.Despite being a young company, AR VISUAL enjoys a strong business network and builds its business on strong customer relationships which have enabled us to retain old customers while attracting new ones. These have always been our core values.Our company's track record is well respected in the industry and it is based on this that our company's milestones are built.

Corporate Vision

To be the leading audio visual and system integrators in the Audio Visual industry.

Corporate Philosophy

Our philosophy has always been based on our customers. 

We seek to be the preferred service provider in the industry.

We seek to provide quality service standards to our business partners and customers.

We seek to pursue our goal of growing the company from strength to strength, locally and beyond.

Our Team

AR Visual is established by a team of highly driven and experienced people who are united and focused on the growth of the company. Our hands-on experience in AVIT explains our ability to directly handle technical issues with proper know-how, not forgetting our professional expertise in the products and services offered by the company.Our team is dedicated to provide clients with relevant information of our products and services so that we can deliver suitable solutions to meet their specifications, requests and needs all the time. Clients are given peace of mind knowing that all after-sales service and technical support will be handled with the correct and relevant professional expertise.We are a down-to-earth team who believe in customer service and satisfaction and we constantly keep ourselves up to date with the industry as we believe in being “hands-on” in our way of doing business.

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